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Fixtures screwdriver
MTA TECH slides are the result of a ten-year experience in the field of automation screwing and assembly.

With two independent pneumatic movements - one to approach the Nozzle and the other one to fasten the screw pre-loaded in the Nozzle - it can be integrated with different systems, such as Cartesian axes, anthropomorphic robots or fixed tracks.
  • Solid structure easily adaptable to multi-spindle versions
  • Modular structure. Totally customizable strokes according to the customers’ needs
  • Lateral installation of handling cylinders that shortens the whole structure
  • Equipped with ISO cylinders and therefore easily equipped with models by different manufacturers
  • Interfacing with all MTA accessories and Nozzles
  • Interfacing with different types of motors by major manufacturers
  • Can reach a value of 50Nm tightening torques
  • Approach stroke with electric cylinder upon request
  • Available also in the “Z2AV” version with single screwdriving stroke or “Z2AC” with single approach stroke

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