MTA, founded in 2001 (under the name MTA Group) is a dynamic and modern company of Industrial Automation, always focused on research of technical innovation to respond at the market needs.

Our business strategy always sees the customer at the centre, in order to design, optimize and realize products tailored to his requirement, in order to made the best choice.

Every request and idea is taken in care from our engineers to study the possibility to realize the project. This huge work is made independently thanks to our team specialized in production, assembling, automation and software programming.

Installation, testing and after sales assistance complete our service to the customer.

All our machines are equipped with CE certifications and manuals.

Our strength:




MTA has 3 Divisions:
  • Industrial Screwing (our original division) we realize screwing system and automatic alimentations of screws, bolts, nuts and rivets for industrial applications. We have a large range of product for every kind of need on assembling, starting from simply semi-automatic till full automatic assembling;
  • Cosmetics we concept, design and produce completely new lines of semiautomatic or fully automatic machines for hot filling component destined to cosmetic pencils, eyeliner or lipstick
  • Assembling and Automation customized machines, productions lines tailor-made for different clients in different divisions.